Caroline Duclercq and Violette Savine Tronel have published an article entitled “English Court Rules on the Extent and Limits of the Role of the Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal” in Arbitraje (Revista de arbitraje comercial y de inversiones) », vol. X, n°2, 2017, pp. 559–566. It is available here. Advertisements

Following the recent debates on the role of the Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal, and in particular after the decision of the English High Court of Justice, dated 9 February 2017 (see our previous post here), on 26 October 2017, the LCIA revised its “Notes for Arbitrators” on the use of tribunal secretaries. The main […]

Caroline Duclercq will participate in a panel on the topic “Overcoming procedural conflicts in international arbitration” during the conference “Navigating through Common Law and Civil Law waters in International Arbitration: Young Perspectives from Europe and the Americas” organized by CIArb YMG in Paris on 6 December 2017. The programme and registration modalities are here.

Caroline Duclercq will intervene, on 1 December 2017, on the topic “The pros of choosing French law arbitration” in the context of the international symposium “Arbitration, a development channel for economic operators in the African – Indian Ocean zone” that will take place in Réunion Island, on 30 November and 1 December 2017, organized by […]

On 28 February 2017, the Paris Court of Appeal rendered a judgment which, for the first time, to our knowledge, confirmed the application by an Arbitral Tribunal of the principle of “adverse inference” or “unfavorable presumption” drawn from the failure to produce evidence by one of the parties.  While the position of the Court of […]

Following the trend adopted with the Inserm case in 2010, the French Tribunal des conflits confirms the end of the Galakis case law On 24 April 2017, the French Tribunal des conflits consolidated the evolution that had started with the Inserm decision in 2010, stating that the administrative judge has jurisdiction to rule on a […]

Caroline Duclercq will intervene on 14 November for the in-depth training “Le cas pratique de l’AFA” that will be held on 13 and 14 November 2017. This training is composed of 2 days during which a mock international arbitration is organised to discover all the essential tools during a procedure, focusing on an assets and liabilities […]