“Wake up (with) Arbitration!” Roundtable – 18 September 2013: “Can clients’ behaviour influence the outcome of the arbitration?”

Caroline Duclercq will host on 18 September, along with Valence Borgia and Maria Beatriz Burghetto, a new “Wake up (with) Arbitration!” roundtable ont the topic “Can clients’ behaviour influence the outcome of the arbitration?”.

On this occasion, Carmen Nuñez Lagos and Jean-Claude Najar will debate the issue, answering either by the affirmative or the negative.  Their presentations of 10 min each will be followed by a free and interactive debate during which all participants will be invited to give their opinion and ask questions.

To participate, please send an email to contact@wakeupwitharbitration.com.  Only a few places are left.

As a reminder, the topic of the next roundtable is “Is the emergency arbitrator here to stay or does the summary proceedings judge still have many years ahead of him (or her)?”, with Christine Lécuyer-Thieffry and Eliseo Castineira.

For more information, or to participate in a next session, visit the “Wake up (with) Arbitration” blog, their LinkedIn group, or send them an email at the following address: contact@wakeupwitharbitration.com.

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