Presentation of SIAC at ALTANA

ALTANA had the pleasure of welcoming, on 21 April 2015, Ms. Julia Yu, Counsel at SIAC, who presented the institution and its Arbitration Rules to companies representatives and the practitioners who intend to and/or make business in Asia.


Ms. Julia Yu, Counsel at SIAC


Ms. Yu’s presentation addressed the following points:

  • Introduction to Singapore’s International Arbitration Framework and SIAC
  • Governance Structure at SIAC
  • SIAC Model Clauses
  • Institutional Measures for Controlling Costs and Timelines under SIAC Rules
  • Recent Trends at SIAC




The presentation was followed by questions and a lively discussion with the participants.

Ms. Yu’s presentation is available here.


From left to right: Ms. Tami Chida (TMI Associates in Tokyo, on secondment at ALTANA), Ms. Julia Yu (SIAC), Caroline Duclercq (ALTANA), Stéphanie Smatt (ALTANA), Chloé Girard (ALTANA), François Muller (ALTANA)



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