Report of the round-table “Wake up (with) Arbitration!” of 2 December 2015: “Procedural order / award: speed at the expense of efficiency?”

As we had announced, Caroline Duclercq has hosted, along with Valence Borgia and Maria Beatriz Burghetto, a rountable “Wake up (with) Arbitration!” on 2 December 2015, on the topic “Procedural order / award: speed at the expense of efficiency?”.

The report is now available here.

The next round-table will be held on 2 February 2016, on the topic “Is the “small” world of arbitration only adapted to the “biggest”?”, with Annet van Hooft, lawyer, and Philippe Chavasse, Legal Department Fives.

For more information, or to participate in a next session, visit the blog “Wake up (with) Arbitration“, their LinkedIn group, or contact them here..

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