After work training by the AFA “Cross-examination of witnesses”: Quand la common law s’invite chez les civilistes, Paris, 29 January 2018

Caroline Duclercq will intervene on 29th January 2017 in the new after-work training organized by the Association For Arbitration, “Cross-examination of witnesses”: when common law visits civil law practice. This training will be held at the Maison du Barreau in Paris:

If English and American lawyers are usually trained to cross-examination and some practice it almost daily before courts, practitioners from civil law backgrounds are rarely prepared for and trained to this exercise.

In 2016 and 2017, the AFA proposed two seminars on the theoretical aspects of cross-examination. In 2018, it now proposes to implement, in a mock case, the rules governing cross-examination.

This training, in French language, will first and foremost be pragmatic, practical and interactive, and thus requires participants to properly prepare the case they will have to deal with:

  • Four participants will act as « Counsels » and carry out the cross-examination of two financial experts, on the basis of the case. The other participants will also have the possibility to submit their suggestions;
  • Two professional experts experienced in cross-examinations will act as « expert witnesses »;
  • Three practitionners, of civil law and common law backgrounds, will act as the Arbitral Tribunal, and will also, at the end of the training, conclude by tips, “do’s and don’ts” and provide advice to bear in mind”

The registration form are available here.