Launch of the Paris MENA Legal Club

On 25 January 2018, Caroline Duclercq participated in the launching of the Paris MENA Legal Club, as member of the Board of Directors.

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Jean-Pierre Lafon, Club President, Guillaume Deroubaix, Secretary General, our guest, Mr Bertrand Besancenot, who was interviewed on “The Latest Developments in the Middle Eastern Situation”,  and Professors Hadi Slim and Michel Séjean

The Paris Mena Legal Club has the mission of promoting civil law outreach in the Middle East – North Africa region and brings together legal decision makers from the public and private sectors and more broadly legal and consulting professionals who wish to share their experience and respective networks.

The Paris MENA Legal Club has the desire to unite and unify by meeting each trimester for two hours with a person with a strong tie to the MENA region who shares his or her expertise on a current event. This meeting is also the opportunity to provide a panorama of current legal events in the region. The objectives of the Paris MENA Legal Club are many: to raise awareness, stay informed and communicate, support research, and develop Pro Bono actions.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Paris MENA Legal Club: parismenalegalclub(at)

Complete information is available here.

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