As we had announced, Caroline Duclercq has hosted, along with Valence Borgia and Maria Beatriz Burghetto, a rountable “Wake up (with) Arbitration!” on 14 December 2017, on the topic “The Accelerated Arbitration Procedure: “The Fast and the Furious”?” The report is now available here. The “Wake up (with) Arbitration!” breakfast /roundtables 2018 program will soon be […]

Caroline Duclercq intervened on 14 December 2017, in Casablanca, on the topic « Enforcement of awards in Morocco and Africa » during the annual Symposium organized by Lexis Nexis on “Investments in Africa and Legal Certainty- the 30 main strategic issues”. The program is available here.

Most of the time, arbitral awards are enforced spontaneously by the losing party. When the party refuses, it is then necessary to initiate an enforcement procedure before national jurisdictions. In France, the enforcement procedure is rather simple: the winning party will notify the award and request enforcement before the Tribunal de grande instance sitting as […]

Caroline Duclercq will intervene on 29th January 2017 in the new after-work training organized by the Association For Arbitration, “Cross-examination of witnesses”: when common law visits civil law practice. This training will be held at the Maison du Barreau in Paris: “If English and American lawyers are usually trained to cross-examination and some practice it almost daily before […]

ALTANA’s arbitration team is pleased to welcome a new associate, Talel Aronowicz Talel joined the firm in 2017. She holds a Master 2 in International and European Business Law (Université Paris Dauphine) and an L.L.M. in International and Comparative Dispute Resolution (Queen Mary, University of London). She speaks French and English. We welcome her in […]

Caroline Duclercq intervened on the the topic “The pros of choosing French law arbitration” in the context of the international conference “Arbitration, a development channel for economic operators in the African – Indian Ocean zone” that took place in Réunion Island, on 30 November and 1 December 2017, organized by the Centre de médiation et […]

Caroline Duclercq and Violette Savine Tronel have published an article entitled “English Court Rules on the Extent and Limits of the Role of the Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal” in Arbitraje (Revista de arbitraje comercial y de inversiones) », vol. X, n°2, 2017, pp. 559–566. It is available here.