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The French Supreme Court’s pragmatic assessment of the arbitrators’ duty of disclosure

Since the Tecnimont saga and the judgment dated 14 October 2014 (commented here and here), the Paris Court of Appeal has confirmed its broad interpretation of the arbitrator’s duty of disclosure. It seemed important to us to come back on the Paris Court of Appeal’s decision dated 25 June 2014. Indeed, this decision highlights that […]

The Court of Appeal of Paris confirms broad interpretation of the duty of disclosure

Paris, 1st Division, 1st Chamber, 14 October 2014, No. 13/13459 On 14 October 2014, the Court of Appeal in Paris overturned an order for enforcement of an arbitral award in Barbados because there had been an irregularity in the composition of the arbitral tribunal. The Court of Appeal held that, in the mind of the […]