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When Civil Law Countries Recognize Punitive Damages

On 5 July 2017, the Italian Court of Cassation, as the French Court of Cassation in December 2010, affirmed that punitive damages are not contrary to international public order. Punitive damages are defined as “the costs that are awarded to a person due to negligence that has caused personal injury or damage to personal property. […]

Publication of an article on ADR under French law

Christophe Lapp and Julien Balensi published an article on Alternative Dispute Resoltion (“ADR”) under French law in Option Droit&Affaires. It is available here.

Interests in Arbitration: What, Why, When and How?

When an arbitrator renders an award, he has the power to order interests. But which interests? Can he do so ex officio or is he bound by the parties’ claims? What is the starting point of such interests? As a reminder, interests are a percentage of an amount due which repairs the harm resulting from […]